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Predict the Odds of Pro Wrestling Matches


Screen Shots (in png format)


The latest stable release is 1.0.2. You can download it as an self-extracting archive or in zip format.

You can still download version 1.0.1 in zip form.


The latest Knowledge Base was modified on Dec 4, 2000

The latest initialization file was modified on Dec 4, 2000


The VB and C++ source code to the latest stable release. It is also available without error handling or line numbers.

The source for version 1.0.1.

Download Instructions

  1. Download the latest stable release (around 15MB in size).
  2. Extract the files, including Install.exe, to a temporary directory.
  3. Run Install.exe
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. If you encounter any problems this information may help.

Update Instructions

  1. Copy wrestler.mdb and wrestler_calculator.ini from the applications directory, to the applications backup directory. (e.g. from "C:\Program Files\ExpertMatch\" to "C:\Program Files\ExpertMatch\backup\"
  2. Download wrestler.mdb and save it in the applications directory. This will update the wrestlers you can choose from and their stats.
  3. Download wrestler_calculator.ini and save it in the applications directory. This will update how the odds are calculated.

Joshua and Greg have sites hosted by Trent.

The .sig files in the distribution are PGP signatures. Here is my public key

ExpertMatch has been release to the Public Domain.

This page is maintained by Joshua Allen

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