Expert Match

Readme Document for Installation


Thank you for installing ExpertMatch.


Run setup.exe

This installation takes longer than is usual for a program of its' size. Please don't panic. It may take five minutes or more.

If you don't have data access components already installed on your computer, it will install them, and then you will have to restart your computer and start setup.exe again to finish the install.

This has the unfortunate effect that on some computers it is necessary to restart twice.


Some users have reported that they get the message "stdole2.tlb" is write protected. If you get this error, choose abort, and the installation should continue as normal. Do not choose "retry" as you will just get the same error again. This is a type library, probably to do with OLE, and you probably already have an up-to-date version.

In order to install ExpertMatch, DCOM98 must be installed on your computer. We are unable to distribute it because Microsoft does not give anyone a distribution license for it.

If you do not have DCOM98 installed on your computer, it can be downloaded from microsofts' site.

Or you can download an installation program directly.

Most computers should already have DCOM98 as it is an essential part of many programs.


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Web: Joshua and Greg at Trent